How much can I save?

Depending on already implemented control measures in the company, fuel and administrative savings are at about 2–30 %.

How do I reach the savings?

The system prevents any unauthorized tank filling and abusing the fuel card for personal intentions.

Can the system be installed in any vehicle or machinery?

Yes, the technology can be installed in all types of vehicles and machinery. At the same time, there are sieves to prevent withdrawing fuel from tanks, and safety seals on the fuel system of the vehicles.

If the system is installed in a vehicle, can I tank up at petrol stations that are not fitted with FuelOmat technology?

Yes, the vehicle unit does not prevent tanking at any other station.



Manuals for correct use of FuelOmat

Filling at a mobile petrol station (.pdf, 156 kB)

Filling at a stationary petrol station (.pdf, 141 kB)

Users manual (.pdf, 2 MB)


Order installation or repair

 – for public petrol station (.xls, 47 kB)

 – for corporat petrol station (.xls, 49 kB)

Repair form


Mobile application for download

Download your mobile application FuelOmat to keep all the necessary information at hand. In it you will find all petrol stations from which you can choose the nearest and the cheapest ones, and other useful information.