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FuelOmat secure fueling on a public network

The easiest way fueling at petrol stations with full security against potential losses. Refueling and payment is fully automated, after filling can immediately leave the petrol stations. Discount on every liter of fuel will increase the overall savings.


FuelOmat and corporate petrol stations

Unique secure fueling with full protection against the loss of fuel adds a new perspective on supply and waste fuel.


GPS protection and securing vehicles

If you do not want to waste your time managing driving records, get yourself its electronic variant. Managing your vehicle fleet will become more transparent, faster and more comfortable.


Access systems

Electronic access system successfully substitutes classic keys where it is necessary to secure rooms, departments or buildings with an identification system. The identification system recognizes the employee after putting a chip or finger print on the access terminal placed at the selected door. There is no need to carry keys with electronic identification systems. Moreover, there is no risk of a copied key and unauthorized access.



We deliver and install dispensers Tatsuno Benč that adapt to your needs.