Case studies

The new petroll station – the R4 (36.5 km)

03. 11. 2014
We have opened a new fuel station. Unique technology refueling can you use at the Agip petrol station Obořiště. This petrol station is open non-stop.

E*tech spol. s r.o.

22. 10. 2014

As an innovative company in the electronic security systems field, they started to use the FuelOmat protective system which brings them a comfortable tanking with minimal administrative work and lower fuel expenses than in the past.

Velkoobchod JAHEKA, s.r.o. (Wholesaler)

22. 10. 2014

This is one of the first companies that began to use the FuelOmat system from its start on the Czech market. With using this technology they significantly lowered administrative work and they do not have to check and analyse consumptions because they are automatically protected against fuel manipulation.

„We are fully satisfied with this system and the savings, which according to our analysis surpassed 10 %. We are glad that we are using your services, also due to increasing fuel prices, so any savings in this field are substantial for us.“

VVS-české výtahy s.r.o. (Czech elevators)

22. 10. 2014

This company is a progressive one and decided to use the newest technology of vehicle fleet protection in more than 30 vehicles.

„The filling technology has proven successful thanks to easy use and minimization of the driver’s time to tank. After 11 months of use we can observe a 21,6 % decrease in fuel consumption..“

Lahůdky-Palma, spol. s r. o. (Delicatessen)

22. 10. 2014

This company has been using the FuelOmat system for a few years now. They wanted to not only use the newest technology on the Czech market, but also to have full control over their vehicle fleet. Thanks to this decision, they lowered fuel consumption by more than 10 % in almost all their vehicles.

Polno SME, Palarikovo a AG H-N, Nevidzany

22. 10. 2014

This company chose the system to ensure filling up only their tanks and prevent drawing fuel from them. Each cooperative owns one petrol station and about 30 vehicles (machinery). The system also brought automatic unattended filling and electronic data transfer.