About us

12. 11. 2014

Fuelomat a.s. was established in 2006. It brought to the Czech market a unique technology to manage fuel use in companies which use public and corporate petrol stations.

In 2007, the FuelOmat technology was integrated in the most common  cash system of public petrol stations. The system was later installed at PapOil petrol stations. The service was available at more than 40 petrol stations in 2008 and 2009. At the same time, interesting projects were organized with companies which have their own petrol stations. In 2011, the system was adapted for Agip petrol stations and later spread to 75 places in the Czech Republic.

Our vision: To offer full-service solution for expenses optimization with a unique filling up protection.

Fuelomat, a.s. belongs the the Novum Group which operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary with other 10 companies. Its sister companies are e.g. Novum spol. s r.o., Retail Adventures a.s., Novum Europe s.r.o., Bubyt, etc.

The service portfolios of the sister companies are very wide – they employ weighing, sales, packaging and labelling technologies for industry and retail, customer loyalty systems, counselling (professional courses, coaching, education, call centre), etc.